1. Save Zoom to your device.

2. Familiarize yourself with how it works.

3. Gather the necessary equipment for the course.

- yoga mat

- 2 blocks

- yoga belt 1 or 2

- chair

- blanket

- bolster


1. Transfer your payment of 10$ per class for the number of classes you wish to take.

2. By email confirm with me the date of the course.  Only those who confirm will be admitted.

Before the course

1. I will send you the zoom link 30 minutes before class starts.

2. Organize your space and equipment.


3. Open the Zoom link 10 minutes before class.

4. ATTENTION: late comers are not allowed.

the lesson

1. 17 h 30 each Sunday starting January 10


2.  Make sure your microphone is closed and your camera is open.


2. Position your device correctly where I can see you during the lesson.


3. Take the class and enjoy the benefits of yoga.

 As an experienced Yoga Instructor, I’ve been transforming my clients into healthier, stronger and more flexible versions of themselves since 1998.

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