Frequently Asked Questions


I am nervous about being watched. Do I have to be naked?

Yes. Part of the fun in practicing yoga naked is to watch and be watched. You will quickly realize, however, that I keep you too busy to worry about this for longer then the beginning of the class. Once the door is closed, I guide you through a very focused workout. If you have time to watch and be watched, you are not really focused on your workout.

The exception is if you have a medical condition that requires being covered.

Another option is Village Yoga where I offer the same variety of classes for men and women with clothes.

Do I need to be flexible to start yoga?

Absolutely not. It is important to acknowledge your present condition and limitations in order to keep it safe and to prevent injury. It is important to do only what you feel you are capable of and not to push beyond your limits. I will teach you a resting pose you can use anytime you need. I would be honored to be the first to introduce you the marvels of yoga through a private class so you feel comfortable in a regular class. With time and practice, you will become more powerful, stronger and more flexible. Simply allow yourself the process. Rome was not built in a day.

Is naked yoga only for gay men?

No. Mudraforce Yoga is a space for all men and while most men here are gay, the studio is welcoming for all men who wish to experience other men in community. Keep in mind that classes may include touch and partnering. If these are activities you wish NOT to participate in, please let that be known BEFORE the class and be respectful of those who do by declining offers graciously with a simple "I prefer to work solo, thank you".

What should I bring with me?

A fabulous sense of humour and a willingness to explore outside the box goes a long way. Pack in your bag a large towel and a bottle of water. You will need a yoga mat which you can borrow from a friend or buy here at the studio. I do not rent mats as a matter of hygiene. 2 blocks and a yoga strap help in many of the postures and are important in the style being taught here.

What if I have an injury?

You would be joining the millions of people who practice Yoga BECAUSE they have an injury to help in the healing process and to build support for the injury. Talk to me and let me know your special considerations and I can offer you variations for a safe practice or direct you to someone who is better able to help you. I sell blocks and yoga straps which can be easily used to modify a posture to accommodate injury. I myself have been using yoga to help me with a herniated disc in my lower back. You have a responsibility to yourself to be safe and keep an open dialogue with me. Only you experience your body.

What are some of the benefits of yoga?

  • Increases Flexibility

  • Builds Strength

  • Calms the Mind

  • Soothes the Spirit

  • Enhances Circulation

  • Improves Immune Efficiency

  • Aides in the Natural Healing Process

  • Boosts Vitality

  • Augments Sense of Well-Being

Do I need to register or can I start anytime I want?

For the sessional courses, YES you must register. You can reserve your place with payment. This is on a first paid, first served basis.

For all the open classes, you do not need to register or reserve. Simply arrive 15 minutes before the class of your choice.

Beware: For your safety and to maintenant the atmosphere, latecomers will be turned away. 

What if I get an erection?

Firstly, erections happen far less frequently then people imagine. IF a man has an erection, it is usually occurs on his first visit when the excitement level is in high. The other time it may happen is during partner work when in physical contact with another man. In either situation, I encourage you to celebrate and be proud of your erection. Mudraforce is a space for men and everything that it is to be male. As men, we have erections; it is part of our nature. We have been shamed into thinking that our sex and our sexuality is something bad. I wish to create a space where our sex is something to behold, to cherish and to celebrate. Through the practice of yoga, we can learn to redirect our erotic energy into a healthy understanding of ourselves and into meaningful acts of intimacy.

Secondly, if having an erection makes you uncomfortable, simply take Child’s Pose and wait for it to subside. Then join the rest of us when you feel ready.

I have an injury and/or health issues. Do I need to be in shape to start yoga?

If you are concerned about your health, please ask your doctor before starting any kind of exercise regime. If you feel ready to start a regular practice, then remember to pace yourself according to your own limitations. It is challenging to keep to your own pace and not follow what others are capable of doing. Stay within YOUR limits and give yourself permission to rest when you need to. There are a variety of levels within any given class and you must break away from the crowd to do own your practice.

 As an experienced Yoga Instructor, I’ve been transforming my clients into healthier, stronger and more flexible versions of themselves since 1998.

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